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What’s a Cider Spritz?

July 8, 2020


We like to call Cider Spritz a “Seltzer-Like Cider” because it’s light and bubbly but packed with tons of flavor. Unlike any seltzer or seltzer-adjacent products out there though, Cider Spritz contains just one ingredient: apple juice.

Cider Spritz is more a kin to a sparkling or brut cider (think of those big cork-and-cage bottles that you see on the warm shelf in your liquor store selling for like $27 a pop) but is produced and presented in a much more approachable way. It starts with a base of 100% fresh-pressed (and slightly tart) apple juice and is fermented with a modified wine yeast that works wonders with cider. From this special yeast strain and some careful fermentation, Cider Spritz gets a wide array of fruit character, with notes of tropical fruit (think pineapple), citrus fruit (think lemon & lime), and melon (think fresh-cut honeydew). We let it ferment almost completely dry so there’s a tiny bit of residual sugar (1g per 12 oz.) and then filter it completely bright to remove any yeast. From there, it’s diluted down to 4.3% ABV and carbed up to 3 volumes of CO2 (slightly bubblier than Original Semi-Dry). For how nuanced and complex the final product is, it’s also impressively clean and refreshing with just a light kick of acidity.

Unlike most cider brands, Cider Spritz contains no added sweeteners or preservatives (Seriously, look at the back of any cider can/bottle you see at the store— most of them use some sort of cheap sweetener and nearly every single one has added sulfites). Haven’t tried Cider Spritz yet? Get yourself a case or two, crack open a cold can, and slam back some of that delicious, dry, light, and bubbly nectar— you’ll be very glad you did.