Bright, refreshing, all-natural cider

Made in the heart of Boston

Cider for greener, healthier cities

1% for the planet

Low sugar, full orchard flavor

What’s a Cider Spritz?

All-Natural Cider | Taste the Difference

Low Sugar

Our ciders are characteristically dry to semi-dry with no added sweeteners. Sugar ≠ flavor.

No Added Preservatives

We don’t cut corners. Our ciders are filtered bright and brilliant so there’s no need for added preservatives (like sulfites).

Real Ingredients

We don’t use “flavorings” or “essences” and don’t “infuse” our ciders with anything. We use fresh-pressed apples (never from concentrate) and real ingredients, that’s it.

Environmentally Conscious

Our apples are sourced predominantly from local growers and 1% of all City Roots sales are donated to environmental non-profits.

The Ciders

Our Story

City Roots is the creation of a small group of cider-loving employee-owners at Boston’s Harpoon Brewery. Born from the belief that apples deserve just as much love as malt and hops, we stand by the fact that cider is best when fresh and natural.


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What’s a Cider Spritz?

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